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Imagine a visually stunning EDM revamp of some of Hip Hop’s greatest hits like “Cyclone”, “Rock Superstar” and many more  performed by Baby Bash, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Lil Nate Dogg and DJ Serafin at your festival!


Baby Bash (Billboard chart topper with the hit songs: Suga Suga, Cyclone, Baby im Back) reinvents his hits into EDM revisions live onstage. Bash excites the crowd with his high energy EDM show performance with the EDM Rap Pak.  In 2016 he teamed with Hood And Associates to create the celebrity filled and sometimes rotating EDM Rap Pak (Baby Bash, Sen Dog Of Cypress Hill, Lil Nate Dogg, Dj Serfain) www.edmrappak.com.


Sen Dog one half of the massive group Cypress Hill re invents hits with EDM  Rap Pak into EDM high energy live songs. Songs such as: “Rock Superstar”, “Insane In The Brain”, and others excite the young crowd with familiar vocals over the latest and hottest EDM beats. Trap and Dubstep, house and trance, Sen Dog has it all in his EDM Rap Pak live performance. Sen Dog has been part of over 40 million albums being song.


Lil Nate Dogg is the son of 4 time Grammy nominee and West Coast music icon Nate Dogg. He is 21 years old. Lil Nate signed with Hood And Associates in December 2016 to record a EDM/Rap album which will tie in to his touring with the EDM RAP PAK. Nate continues in the path of his father by re inventing G Funk and G Funk style rap into todays EDM market. Lil Nate Dogg has performed at Avalon Hollywood with EDM Rap Pak for over 2000 people. His album has current, heavy EDM, trap and mixed with amazing shining vocals. Some songs have a female on them as well. Lil Nate Dogg performs his father’s hit songs inside of the EDM Rap Pak show with a new twist. He also performs some of his own EDM songs live onstage.


Dj Serafin is an EDM Dj who mixes all of the EDM Rap Pak live onstage. He has experience working with everyone from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Ozzy Osbourne and many more. Dj Serafin recently held his own at a major DJ booth at NAMM 2016, and performed across the USA at sold out clubs like Sutra, Heat, Avalon and many more. Dj Serafin also performs at The Miami Music Conference each year, SXSW, Paradise Lost festival in Jamaica and more.